T-Rex Dino


Say hello to Timmy the T-Rex – the fearless leader of our eco-friendly dino squad! Crafted from high-quality untreated beech wood, this Wooden Dino T-rex Toy is more than just a toy; it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

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Adorable Eco-Friendly Sidekicks for Your Little Explorer!

Who needs plastic when you’ve got these cuties in town? Say hello to Timmy’s Wooden Dino T-rex! We’re all about eco-fun, and these dino pals are here to make playtime wild and green!

Meet Timmy the T-Rex: Timmy’s the fearless leader of our dino pack. With his tiny arms and a big heart, he’s always up for a dino-sized adventure. Watch out for that toothy grin!


Eco-Tastic Tales: These dino pals are more than just wooden wonders; they’re your child’s partners in imaginative storytelling.

Green and Clean: Worried about toxins? Don’t be! Our dino gang is all-natural and non-toxic, handcrafted from high-quality untreated beech wood. It’s playtime you can feel good about!

The Gift of Fun: Looking for a gift that says, “You’re dino-mite!”? Our dinos are the perfect choice for birthdays, baby showers, or any day that needs a dash of dino-style charm.

Ageless Adventures: These wooden dino buddies are ready to roll with toddlers aged 1 and up. Their chunky size and smooth wheels make them perfect playtime partners for tiny hands.

Embrace the Uniqueness: Remember, each dino has its own quirks because they’re made from real wood. Celebrate these variations as a sign of their one-of-a-kind personalities!

Timmy’s Wooden Dino T-rex Toy Car is more than just toys; they’re friends, storytellers, and eco-heroes in disguise. Get ready to embark on dino adventures with Timmy the T-rex!

Size: 120mm x 90mm x 45mm

Material: Untreated Hardwood Beech Wood



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